HIMSAR Code of Conduct

The institute has its Code of Conduct. Strict discipline similar to Naval Training Institutes is maintained. This is a residential course and as residence in the hostel for entire 3 years is compulsory so students have to abide by the rules at all times. All students have to wear a Standard Merchant Navy uniform and must participate in all activities of the hostel such as, fall in, physical training, swimming, games, sports, parade and inspection. Unauthorized absence is treated as a serious breach of rules.

HIMSAR has strict Drug & Alcohol policy. All students are required to strictly follow this policy and any non-compliance is treated very severely by the management. Leaves of absence are granted only upon the written request of parents/guardians. However, students are required to have at least 90% attendance records in each subject in order to appear for semester examination. All leaves, including sick-leave are taken into account when leaves are calculated.

Students are expected to protect the property of the institute at all times and conduct themselves in a good manner so as not to cause any damage.